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With our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®, Big Boyz Truck & Tire in Browerville, MN, is a repair shop you can trust. For over a decade, our mission has been to give reliable, honest, and fast service to Todd County residents. Our certified mechanics have the skills to diagnose and solve problems that your heavy- or light-duty truck is experiencing. Let’s get your truck fixed today.

Big rig rolling

We’ll Fix Your Big Rig

Whether you own a light- or heavy-duty truck, Big Boyz Truck & Tire will provide long-lasting solutions for your vehicle troubles. Our experienced mechanics will perform general maintenance, repairs, and preventive care. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Services We Offer

Oil Changes

Suspension Repair

Engine System Repairs & Maintenance

Truck Alignment 

Tire Maintenance and Repair

Semi-Truck Basic Maintenance

Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance

Trailer Alignment

Light-Duty Trucks

Light duty truck

We’ll always exceed expectations at our truck repair shop. Our highly qualified mechanics can perform any repairs, maintenance, and preventive care on your light-duty trucks, whether it’s checking the acidity of your coolant or repairing your engine system. Call us today with the problems your pickup or other light-duty truck is experiencing. 

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Freight truck

It takes real expertise to take care of heavy-duty vehicles such as semi-trucks. At Big Boyz Truck & Tire, we’ve worked on semi-trucks for over 13 years. When you’re on the road, keeping your truck up to date on maintenance is essential. At our truck repair shop, our mechanics will check your cab lubrication, air dryer, front and rear axle mounting, and more.

Tire Repair

You need tires that can take a beating. Our truck repair shop carries Goodyear tires. We guarantee that you’ll find tires for all seasons. Durable, strong, and with the right amount of traction and grip, our tires will get the job done.